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How it works

You pick the flavors, we do all the hard work!

You pick the flavors!

From Cotton Candy ice cream to just plain Vanilla... We have all different kinds of ice cream to meet anyone's palette. Need dairy-free or no-sugar added selections? We have those too!
Based on your catering package of choice, flavor choices range from 4, 8 or 10 different flavors.
Photo May 14, 7 12 50 PM.jpg

Scoopers & Sundaes

*All ice cream cart catering packages includes a personal scooper and sundae bar.
(*2023 special deal some conditions may apply)
Photo Nov 05, 7 38 39 PM.jpg

Scoop of Love

Here at Baskin Robbins catering, we have a tradition that we call the "Scoop of Love." This is when our newly weds celebrate by taking their first plunge by scooping their first ice cream scoop!
Photo Oct 06, 8 38 40 PM.jpg

Makes great Thank you gift!

Did we mention that our ice cream services makes a great "Thank You" for your guests?


After having 10+ years of catering experience, We've served many different hotels and locations across the Las Vegas Valley. Here are a few places we catered at...
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